Disabled & Special Need Passengers

In order to ensure the comfort of all customers, Madinah Airport is providing a wide range of facilities and services for disabled and reduced mobility passengers. All disabled travelers using Madinah Airport will receive assistance, starting from the moment they reach the airport, through check-in and security check, right up until they are seated on the plane. The same level of assistance is offered to arriving passengers.”, he described during the presentation.

There are a number of state-of-the-art facilities for passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility throughout the New Madinah Airport: 

• Dedicated Check-In and Information Desks in the terminal, including the Hajj Terminal.
• Personal Assistance at the airport both upon arrival and departure. 
• Wheelchair and disability-friendly toilet facilities with appropriate sanitary fittings are available throughout the terminal.
• Disabled Toilet Alarm system for any emergency condition.
• Disabled Refuge Alarm system in all the escape exits/fire stairs.

TIBAH, as a disability-friendly company, is focused on changing and improving the attitudes of the entire community to better understand people living with a physical disability.