Check-in Control


Scheduled Domestic and International Flights

Passengers are requested to arrive at the airport for check-in 1.5 hours prior to domestic flights and 2 hours prior to international flights.

Please ensure that you have your ticket, valid passport and ID with you when coming to the airport. Passengers with no ID will not be accepted on board. It is obligatory for all passengers, including children and infants, to present their ID during check-in procedures. Passengers traveling with electronic tickets must ensure that they know the PNR number and that they present a valid ID.

Baggage restrictions may vary for each airline. Information regarding the number of bags and weight limitations can be obtained from the airline with whom you are traveling. Electronic Information Monitors above the counters and Flight Information Screens within the terminal display details concerning at which counters you may check in.

Passengers must go to the relevant check-in counter with their ticket, photo ID (valid passport, ID card, driving license, marriage certificate) and luggage if applicable. Should a visa be required for the destination country, the passport should have the valid visa. A label displaying the passenger’s name, telephone and address must be put on the luggage.

Check-in staff must be advised of any hand luggage which should be labeled as cabin luggage. Check-in staff checks the information on your documents and issues a boarding card and baggage label as he/she accepts your baggage. The baggage label is stuck on the ticket and handed over to the passenger. A larger baggage label is tied to the baggage and sent to the aircraft. The check-in procedure is finalized when the check-in staff hands over the ticket, ID and the boarding card to the passenger. The boarding card displays details such as the flight number, departure gate no., boarding time and seat number.

Umrah and Hajj Flights

Passengers must coordinate with the Umrah and Hajj Coordinator.