Check-in Counters


There are 64 check-in counters in the check-in aisle, which are allocated for both international & domestic flights. Please check the details of the check-in counters your flight will use from the LCDs around the airport.


Self Check-In


To add more convenience to your journey, self-check-in kiosks are now available at PMIA. Our passengers can enjoy more check-in convenience with the self check-in facility. Within 24 hours prior to departures, passengers travelling with the following airlines with confirmed booking can use the facility to check in, select seats and collect boarding passes without any hassle in queuing.


  • Saudi Airlines


Note: Self Check-In Kiosks are available to be utilized by airlines.



Hajj Traffic

In addition to the 64 check-in counters in the check-in aisle, Hajj Passengers will also be able to register their luggage at any of the 34 check-in counters (16 permanent counters in Hajj Pavillions, 18 temporary in Hajj Terminal Basement) dedicated exclusively for Hajj passengers. This additional number of dedicated counters is to ensure smooth operations during Hajj period.